Payroll and HR services

Payroll processing and human resources for nonprofits of all sizes can be time-consuming and complex but may not always warrant a full-time position. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider outsourcing your payroll services and HR functions.

What Services Can You Outsource?

Outsourcing your HR and payroll services means using an outside third-party service to perform some or all of your organization’s functions like payroll processing, fringe benefit processing, tracking, and other employee related HR functions. Outsourcing payroll and HR functions has the potential to bring about significant time and expense savings.

We’re happy to offer full service payroll and partial HR services that are customized to suit your organization’s size and specific needs.

Full-Service Payroll

Our outsourced payroll takes on all the tasks involved in payroll processing that you don’t have time or expertise in performing. Let our experts navigate the ever changing complexities of state and local specific payroll laws thereby relieving you of compliance-related headaches. We process your employee payroll, integrate employee timesheets, and arrange for checks to be distributed or direct deposits made. We also ensure all your payroll tax filings are submitted accurately and timely while serving as the main point of contact for all your employees payroll-related questions or issues. 

While keeping some or all of the payroll in-house may seem convenient, fully outsourced full-service payroll saves time, stress, and money. 

Time and Attendance Records

Keeping track of your employees and the hours they’ve worked isn’t just a matter of meeting payroll. You need to calculate paid time off and holidays to ensure that the necessary coverage is always in place and to coordinate all of that with payroll. Furthermore, our employee time tracking softwares will remove the need for any paper timesheets and allow your employees and subcontractors to code their time to your organization’s specific programs, grants, and other tasks. 

In addition, our partial HR services process time off requests and approvals, track your PTO policies, and report on PTO usage. Time and attendance record keeping can also provide reports and tracking useful for budgeting, grant reporting, and projecting future staffing needs.

Hiring and Onboarding

Hiring an employee has become a minefield. The regulations governing job listings, interviews, tracking applicants, and how to make an offer can be tough for anyone to master.

Why not let specialists handle it for you? We know how to structure the new employee offer process, their onboarding, and offboarding.

Our team will help you automate the employee and subcontractor onboarding and offboarding process to help your employees feel at home from day one.

Managing Employee Benefits

All organizations contemplate the competitive importance of offering a good package of employee benefits. What you may not understand, is all the complexities of ERISA, HIPPA, and all the other rights your employees have around their benefits. Not to mention your obligations as the provider of those benefits.

Our HR experts will  make sure your employee benefit plans are compliant with your employees specific federal, state, and local laws. We will also process your employee benefits along with processing your ongoing payroll. 

Can You Afford It?

Payroll services and outsourced HR usually operate as cafeteria plans. That is, you know what you need and select a plan that offers just those services, as few or as many as are appropriate to meet your needs.

Our streamlined software based approach to payroll and HR services can greatly lower the expenses and opportunity cost associated with hiring or delegating these tasks to an in-house specialist.

Regardless of your organization’s size, outsourcing your payroll and HR functions can provide you significant savings of time and resources while improving your organizations recordkeeping and removing the compliance-related hassles. 


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