If you run a nonprofit organization, your accounting responsibilities differ from those of for-profit businesses. This is because non-profit organizations handle tax payments, financial statements, and record keeping differently than other businesses. 

A nonprofit organization operates to fulfill a charitable, educational, religious, or scientific purpose, rather than to earn money. Although nonprofits do need revenue to operate, earning profits is not their primary function.

Similar to for-profit businesses, nonprofit bookkeeping relies on choosing an accounting method to record incoming and outgoing money. Whether you’re thinking about starting a nonprofit or already have, understanding the unique aspects of accounting for nonprofit organizations is essential. Here are some things to take into consideration:

Cash-basis or accrual accounting: You must record all incoming revenue and outgoing payments with an organized accounting system. You can choose a cash-basis or an accrual accounting system for nonprofit organization.

Tax exemption: Being exempt from federal income taxes does not necessarily exempt you from filing an annual small business tax return. You are still required to report revenue and expenses to the IRS. Keep accurate records of and report your activities and finances for the year.

Financial statements: In nonprofit accounting, you should create financial statements to report your business’s finances. Nonprofit accounting relies on using the statement of financial position (balance sheet), statement of activities (income statement), and cash flow statement.

Nonprofit Accounting Can Get Tricky

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